heather1 02.03.2013

Before: 143 lbs.  After:  113 lbs.

This February, one area I will be focusing on is heart health.  My friend, Heather Hirsh, is a great example of someone who cared enough to put her long-term health back on course.  She was a mom like you and I who faced days of fatigue and was frustrated not knowing how to fix it.  At the time, Heather was 143 lbs and a size 8.  She recalls feeling that “the simple act of getting dressed each day was a big hassle that always resulted in [her] entire wardrobe thrown all over [her] bed and complaining that nothing [she] owned fit or looked right.”

I think EVERY woman can identify with Heather’s plight!  I also know that no one would judge her in her situation – but probably sympathize with her – because we have all been there.  And most of us would accept it as our new life.

But not Heather.  Heather began the Shaklee 180 program along with the Vitalizer pack, included in the program.  Soon after, she stated:

I quickly noticed a remarkable difference in both my energy level and mood. Fast forward several months and I was down to 113 lbs. and wearing a size 2! I never dreamed that I could even be that size, especially after having two kids. I’m so thankful that a dear friend introduced me to this amazing program!

Her story doesn’t stop there!  Her adventure led her to be the new face of Shaklee 180.  If you see a beautiful girl in a pink dress or tank top on the products – that is my friend Heather!  And not only did she achieve her goal, other problems, like alopecia disappeared from her life.  After being scared to not attempt a 3rd child when the first two were high risk and laden with bed rest and ER visits, she is now 8 months pregnant with her third child – no bed rest or restrictions.

It can happen for you!  2013 can be your year!  Take Heather’s advice, “If you want to gain confidence, feel better about yourself, have more energy, and kick fatigue to the curb forever, I highly recommend you starting the Shaklee 180 program and BurstClub.com now!”


Heather – New Jersey