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Before (March 2012) and After (November 2012)

How could I be wearing the clothes I had not worn since high school just three months after having my second baby?  People began asking me what I was doing to lose the weight so fast.  It was then I realized that health program I had been on really prepared my body to do what it should before, during, and after pregnancy.

Pregnancy with my firstborn was a different story – I gained more weight and it did not come of quickly. This time, Shaklee helped me lose 38 pounds.

I am so thankful a friend introduced me to Shaklee or my son would not be here today.  Not only was I able to manage my hypothyrodism, overcome fatigue, and become pregnant because of Shaklee, but I know that the program I used helped my baby to be nourished with nothing but health, and I gained no extra weight than what was necessary to bring him to health.

I truly see a difference in the healthy start between my children. My body is just a bonus.  They only see the doctor for well checkups.  Neither child has ever been on an antibiotic, and my oldest is six years old.

It can happen for you!  Join me! Make the New Year right!  You will lose weight, or your money back.  If you help 3 people, you get yours free!

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