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NIK_9364This Christmas I was so excited that our daughter was finally old enough to watch A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens with me.  When my husband and I first married, one of the first ornaments I found for our tree was one of Bob Cratchit holding up Tiny Tim on his shoulder with his crutch.  I was pleased to see when our daughter reached preschool age, that this ornament also made her happy.  Every year she would ask who Tiny Tim was and I never could quite explain to her the true meaning.  Until this year.  At six years old, I wasn’t sure if she could keep her attention for the whole movie (at least it was the color version!), but amazingly, she DID!  She loved seeing what happened in Old Mr. Scrooge’s past that made him so crabby.  She didn’t know how he could be so cold but got a huge grin when she realized that HE was the one who paid for the biggest prize turkey and that he would give it to Tiny Tim’s family!  She saw how his heart changed and even wanted to watch it again (that’s my girl!).

This picture of us all above with our baby brother getting his first experience with a Christmas tree really got me thinking about how I have lived Christmases past and where I am going with my future.  This year was an incredible change for us.  A new baby, my husband began a new territory in his company, and the first year of homeschooling.  I am so thankful for it all.  Just last year, everyone seemed to be operating on individual planes.  Yet, this year all of the change has caused us to need each other and to become closer as one unit family.  If you had asked me last year at this time if I would be homeschooling, I would have told you my goal in mind was to earn my teaching certificate and become a third grade English teacher.  Yet, God clearly made me see just a month later that I would be teaching my own children.  And what a great learning year for all of us it has been!  More friends than before, new things we would never have learned otherwise.

One thing 2012 has taught me is that life continues to spin faster.  This has made me improve my planning and number my moments.  Literally.  In a perfect world, I would like everything organized.  But this year I have literally planned as much as I can and have gone day by day in God’s grace to appreciate each moment.  So, as I prepare for Christmas futures, I have decided that to appreciate life more, I must improve my fitness.  The only problem is, as a full-time teacher and mom managing a business, where is the time to take care of ME?

The truth is, there will be no time if I don’t make time.  So this year, I’m going to be gathering a group of moms to exercise and take care of our bodies.  Ladies with no time, but with a decision to MAKE time and take care of themselves, so that they can be better equipped to care for a family (or whatever stage of life they are in).  So, rather than beginning my 2013 on January 1st, I’m going to start now, so that I’ll be sailing on into the new year with a new mind and a new me.

What about you?  What are your goals?  Will you join me?  More details on that in my next post…